Fang pagoda


Fang pagoda also known as Xingshengjiao pagoda. The pagoda was built sometime between 1068 and 1077 during the Northern Song Dynasty. Many changes were made during repairs in the Ming and Qing dynasties, but the main structure and style remained Northern Song Dynasty. About 60 percent of the wooden brackets, the lintel above the arched gate and the rafters under the eaves are the original components. In 1974 the staircase o­n the ground floor was rebuilt and the pagoda was restored to the style of the Northern Song Dynasty, based o­n surveys made by the cultural relics department of Shanghai.
Each side of the square pagoda's ground floor is six meters long. The first storey has balconies surrounded by wooden banisters. The balconies and pent roofs o­n each storey were made of both brick and wood. The pagoda has nine levels o­n the exterior and is 48.5 meters high. Each wall is divided into three parts by brick relief columns, with a door in the middle.


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